Stool making course

A Brilliant weekend spent learning new skills. Great materials, tools and instruction from Ambrose (and Aidan on Sunday). Always on hand to help and give advice. I came in on day 1 with no idea on how to work with woodworking tools and left on day 2 with a fabulous 4 legged stool without a nail in sight. A lovely group of people, willing to help each other. This was a gift for my 60th birthday so it proves you are never too old to learn new skills. Rosemary

Ambrose is obviously very knowledgeable, but also very patient and relax. The setting is stunning, as are the raw materials. We were all blown away by the lunches. Wholesome and hearty. Couldn't have been happier with the finished article.

Such a fantastic weekend! Informative, fun and all of us came away with a beautiful, hand crafted piece of furniture. Genuinely loved doing this! Tim

Outstanding experience, fantastic teaching. Everything explained to a helpful depth. Lovely working space with stunning view. Friendly, safe environment. I have learnt so much in just two days. A highly recommendable course! Phil

Thanks! I've really enjoyed the weekend and learning to use a bunch of new tools and techniques. The course is super well organised and very well cut-up. What a nice place to hung out for a weekend. Misha

Thanks Ambrose, you have generously shared your stool design, skills and knowledge with patience and good grace. Thanks for a lovely weekend that was productive and fun. I sit here writing this on my new stool with a cuppa and a slice of Em's lovely cake- what could be better. I'm tired now - in a good way. I'm inspired and amazed we all managed to make our own stools in one weekend. Well done Ambrose and Aidan, splendid work. Jodi

For someone with little to no practical skills taking lumps of wood and shaping them into something is a delightful experience. Ambrose knows his stuff. Patiently and expertly guides you through the processes. All in all an amazing experience in a beautiful location. No better way to spend a weekend. 

Once again another great course, a relaxed atmosphere, which as always prompts people to be more open and at ease. Precise instructions and easy to follow. Cake was most excellent. Harry

Thanks Ambrose, it was such a fun weekend. This is the first piece of woodwork I have done and I am really chuffed with the result. Your teaching style was great giving enough support without taking over. We’ve both come away with something we’ll keep forever.  Jen

Such a good weekend. Thank you very much for all your hard work and organisation. I think the stool is a great design and you worked out all the steps so cleverly. I have been admiring my stool. It is beautiful. Kerry

I couldn’t get over that weekend on so many levels, thank you. Mateusz

Chair making course

An amazing course in an amazing location, I was delighted with the outcome. Ambrose has a really great teaching style allowing you to learn as much as is possible in the 5 days. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn a new skill. The course is great value for money considering what you learn and take home at the end of the 5 days. Steve

Ambrose is a very skilled and patient teacher. Creating such a beautiful chair seamed impossible, but everyone on the course came away with stunning pieces of a furniture. Spacious, well equipped workshop. Lots of learning crammed into 5 days. Jason

I've stumbled across Ambrose Vevers at Clerkenwell design week 2015 and had his flyer stuck to my special wall for two years now. I typed it in. Bulls Eye. Not only I love Devon and would take any excuse to go there, now there is an experience I can just book up and live, and it is what I did. The experience is sitting in a perfect peace in a timber framed barn, in the Dartmoor National Park, on a shave horse mostly, with a massive barn doors opened to a view, that has nothing man-made in sight, and making something out of wood. "Something" is an understatement. Now, this dude, Ambrose, had always made things out of wood. I have a picture of a chair he made when he was 12. He lives and breaths wood and design. Mateusz

Courses at Dartington

Very enjoyable course. Great instructions and a very happy atmosphere. The second course with Ambrose and both I have thoroughly enjoyed. Ron and Jane

Excellent course. Very please with the end result and a very happy weekend of making. Sina

Great course, very hands on and good advice as you go along. And, even I managed to get a good table at the end of it. Thanks. Rob Austin


Ambrose has all the attributes of a very good teacher without being "teachersish". This is the second course I have done with Ambrose and I can highly recommend both him and the courses. John Singleton

Excellent, very enjoyable- Ambrose and Aidan where enthusiastic, engaging and supportive throughout. Great course and fantastic venue. Timber framing course.

Both Ambrose and Aidan were really friendly, helpful and great teachers. Really good to be able to use such good quality tools. Timber framing course.

Was a real pleasure to be taught by Ambrose and Dave. Well informed and structured course. Dave, Japanese bench making course.

First course I've ever done. It well be hard be beat. Thanks Ambrose and Dave. Sam, Japanese bench making course.